We are Justin and Sue Harvey - our company name is "Hoof'n It Limited". We set this company up when we purchased a small herd of beef cattle to farm on a local Dunedin property. Justin comes from a dairy farming background in the North Island. He has completed a doctorate at University of Otago and is now a scientist at Pacific Edge Biotechnology Limited. Sue is a through and through Dunedinite and works part time in the The Centre for Science Communication at the University of Otago.

We enjoy caring for animals and we know that it is heaps of work and time off can be hard to come by. It is not always possible to leave it to friends, neighbours or family to look after your pets and other animals when you need to be away from them - that is where we want to help, by looking after them as you would. Having our own animals (currently: cows, sheep, pigs, a beautiful little goat, chooks, a cat and a dog...and fish) means we are aware of how regular checking can prevent losses and how nerve racking it can be to be away from them, especially when things like the weather can be really fickle.

We began the animal minding side of our business which trades as Lifestyle Services in mid 2007 - since then we have cared for many different animals, gained a massive amount of knowledge and met a huge number of fantastic people. We work pretty much all year round including Christmas Day and other public holidays.